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On Air From 12am to 4am

America Tonight w/ Kate Delaney

Kate Delaney is an award winning National broadcast personality who has interviewed over 12,000 people in twenty-years in her radio and television career. She picked up a Television Emmy for her special report on the AIDS epidemic in New Mexico and several Golden Mics for a series on immigration. Delaney’s book, “Level the Playing Field”, a best seller on Amazon is about all about helping you drive the conversation and floor friends, co-workers and family with interesting facts, trivia and flat out mind blowing stories from the world of sports.



On Air From 4am to 6am

On Air With Doug, Jen and Victoria

On Air With Doug, Jen and Victoria delivers passionate discussions on items affecting listeners the most in their daily lives. Hosts Doug Stephan, Jen Horn and Victoria Keelan each bring a distinctive perspective to their highly entertaining conversations. Additional contributors round out each hour by providing listeners with news they can use on pop culture, entertainment, astrology, health, technology, pets, travel, finances, home improvement and much more.


On Air From 6am to 9am

WKAL Good Morning Show

Our local morning show covers what matters to you most. Join Rocco, Mike and Rick every morning for the latest news, sports, weather, and interviews. Local guests, including politicians, civic leaders, school officials, and other provocative voices.

On Air From 9am to 12pm

The Mike Gallagher Show

Mike Gallagher is one of America’s most entertaining conservatives, displaying a sense of humor and timing honed over three decades in the cauldron of local and national radio talk show experience. Mike delivers a blend of timely political commentary, compelling talk and terrific discussions on social issues and lifestyle topics.


On Air From 12pm to 3pm

The Dennis Prager Show

Dennis Prager is one of America’s most respected radio talk show hosts. He has been broadcasting on radio in Los Angeles since 1982. His popular show became nationally syndicated in 1999 and airs live, Monday through Friday. Prager is a Renaissance man with an uncanny ability to discuss a wide range of topics. His opinions on human relationships, child rearing, and the cultural divide are as fascinating as his views on religion, international relations, and morality.


On Air From 3pm to 6pm

America First with Sebastian Gorka

Dr. Sebastian Gorka tears off America's politically correct blindfold and clarifies who our foes are, what makes them think, and how to defeat them. In 2020, President Donald Trump named Gorka to the National Security Education Board. This board provides strategic consultation and was established by congressional act in 1991. Dr. Gorka has briefed the CIA, the DIA, the US Navy Seals, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, served as an expert for the DoJ during the Boston Bombing trial, and testified before Congress on the threat of Global Jihadism. He remains a guest instructor at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, at Fort Bragg, the home of the Green Berets. Gorka writes for The Hill and has written two books for Regnery Publishing. His first Defeating Jihad, was a national best-seller and his latest, released in October, is called Why We Fight…Defeating America’s Enemies with No Apologies. Before launching his SALEM show, “AMERICA FIRST with Sebastian Gorka,” he was an advisor to candidate Donald J. Trump and served on the staff of the White House in 2017 as Deputy Assistant to the President for Strategy.


On Air From 6pm to 9pm

The Mark Levin Show

Mark is an American lawyer, author, and the host of American syndicated radio show The Mark Levin Show. Mark Levin worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan and was a chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese.


On Air From 9pm to 10pm

The Dan Bongino Show

Daniel John Bongino is an American political commentator, radio show host, author, politician, former NYPD officer and former Secret Service agent. Bongino ran unsuccessfully for Congress as a Republican in 2012, 2014, and 2016. Bongino has been a radio host and commentator on both local and national radio programs. He has been a guest host for both the Sean Hannity and Mark Levin radio shows and sometimes fills in on WMAL-FM talk radio in Washington, D.C. and WBAL in Baltimore. He was a paid contributor to NRATV, until December 2018. Bongino has frequently appeared on Fox News' opinion programming and on the conspiracy theory website InfoWars. He guest-hosted Hannity's Fox News show in December 2018. Bongino is a proponent of Spygate, a conspiracy theory alleging illegal spying on Donald Trump's 2016 campaign was perpetrated by Barack Obama's administration in his book Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump. In December 2019, Bongino launched an alternative to the Drudge Report known as the Bongino Report.Prior to the site's launch, he criticized Drudge for having "abandoned" Trump supporters


On Air From 10pm to 12am

The Dan Proft Show

A Clear Grasp of Political Sanity The world is a complicated place. You need someone to expose the political fakers, fixers and takers, and cut through the mindless chatter and misdirection to make sense of it all. That person is Dan Proft and this is the Dan Proft Show. Politicians take positions. Proft makes arguments. He's studied the western canons. He's read the books. He's seen every episode of "The Simpsons." From DesCartes to Cartman, Willy Loman to Groundskeeper Willie, he's the Firing Pin to William F. Buckley's "Firing Line" here to spark robust dialogue and see who can employ the most arcane (pop) cultural and artistic references to support their points of view. Entrepreneur, editorial contributor to the Chicago Tribune, former Republican candidate for Illinois Governor, and morning drive radio talk show host in Chicago. He speaks truth to his audience with popular political commentary and provocative interviews with deep thinkers and solutionists. .