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On Air From 1am to 6am

Red Eye Radio

Red Eye Radio has a proud history, as the longest running nationally syndicated radio program focused on the needs of the trucking industry in the United States today.

On Air From 6am to 7am

Mom Talk Radio

Mom Talk Radio Host, Maria Bailey has long had a passion for helping mothers find the answers they need to become better parents. Her passion for business and desire to help moms juggle the tasks of motherhood.

On Air From 7am to 8am

Life As You Own It

Host Mark McDougald and Craig Miller bring you mortgage and finance news / information you need to make great financial decisions in your home – and your life.

On Air From 8am to 9am

Doing What Works

Think of the happiest people you know. What are they doing that you aren’t? Every weekend, host Maureen Anderson talks to experts with advice on everything from quitting smoking to asking your boss for a raise. Doing What Works is designed to help people find happiness not just at work but in their personal lives, as well.

On Air From 9am to 12pm

At Home With Gary Sullivan

Gary has dedicated his entire adult life to the home improvement industry and has 44 years experience selling, using and talking about home improvement products.

On Air From 12pm to 2pm

Jill On Money

Jill appears on radio and television stations nationwide covering the economy, markets, investing and anything else with a dollar sign. She translates complicated business and economic news into understandable, relatable topics for everyday.

On Air From 2pm to 5pm

Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy

From computers, the internet, iPods, and cell phones to digital cameras, gaming systems, and home theaters Leo Laporte provides entertaining tech talk that appeals to the inner geek in us all.

On Air From 5pm to 7pm

The Haidt Report

Pete calls himself “the accidental radio talk host” as his weekly shows launched unexpectedly while he was in a small Finger Lakes station one Saturday morning when a regular call-in show host didn’t show up for work. Pete swung into action on a moment’s notice – and he’s been on the radio regularly ever since.

On Air From 7pm to 8pm

Made In America

As a successful entrepreneur, author, and advocate for American small business, Neal Asbury has made it his mission to promote American products to world markets and to fight against the inequities practiced by our trading partners with impunity against American manufacturers.

On Air From 8pm to 9pm

Men’s Health Live

Listen to Men’s Health Live, a weekly syndicated radio show from Men’s Health magazine and Entertainment Radio Network. Join co-hosts Peter Moore (editor of Men’s Health), Gregg Stebben (Men’s Health columnist).

On Air From 9pm to 10pm

The Drive w/Alan Taylor

THE DRIVE WITH ALAN TAYLOR puts you in the driver’s seat for a unique, fast paced look at today’s automotive industry. Brought to you by three of the world’s most powerful magazines: Sports Illustrated, Fortune and MONEY.

On Air From 10pm to 1am

Best of Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is one of America’s most entertaining conservatives, displaying a sense of humor and timing honed over three decades in the cauldron of local and national radio talk show experience. . He has used his program to shine the white hot light of scrutiny on extremist groups and political charletons.