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Approved City of Rome Redistricting Plan

The changes for each Ward are as follows:

Rome 1st Ward—Loses Rome 1-1; gains Rome 7-1 (which will now become Rome 1-1)

Rome 2nd Ward—Gains Rome 1-1 and Rome 3-5 (which will now become Rome 2-4 and Rome 2-5 respectively)

Rome 3rd Ward—Loses Rome 3-5; gains Rome 4-5 (which will now become Rome 3-5)

Rome 4th Ward—Loses Rome 4-5

Rome 5th Ward—No changes

Rome 6th Ward—Loses Rome 6-5

Rome 7th Ward—Loses Rome 7-1; gains Rome 6-5 (which will now become Rome 7-1)

For more details, view a clip from our interview with 5th Ward Rome City Councilor Frank Anderson here.

Click image to view full size, or download the PDF files:
Map 1) Rome_Council_All
Map 2) Rome_Council_2015

City of Rome District Map













Information provided by 5th Ward Rome City Councilor Frank Anderson.

Author: WKAL

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